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September 04, 2015

September 04, 2015 — September 05, 2015

NDT Baby Treatment with Lois Bly

This two day course is designed for experienced physical and occupational therapists currently working with babies.  Lecture information will focus on NDT Infant Treatment Principles. Labs and videotapes will be used to problem solve system impairments for infants in general and for the specific infants who will be treated in demonstration sessions. Labs with dolls will augment the therapist’s understanding of infant treatment techniques. Participants should wear comfortable clothes for labs. The book by Lois Bly Baby Treatment Based on NDT Principles will be used as the text (Please visit for ordering information & link)

Objectives:  At the completion of this course participants will be able to:


* Identify and list NDT Infant Treatment Principles.


* Identify major components of the typical and atypical development.


* Describe the importance of play as a modality for the infant.


* Identify system impairments in babies with varied presentations while watching videotapes of assessments and live treatment demonstrations.


* Reproduce treatment facilitation techniques with dolls


§ For New York State CEUs: The SMILE Center is recognized as an approved provider of PT and PTA continuing education by the NY State Education Department Board of Physical Therapy.

§ Course meets NYC DOH requirements for Early Childhood Training. 


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